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Harada Roshi

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I was raped beaten many years in my past. My mind naturally goes to my past more easily. I find meditation has helped me not fall to the past as much as I used to when not sitting but I still have sadness difficulty ordering my mind when I sit. Will I ever be able to have a silent mind?

You have had such a hard experience. It is not so easy to erase the pain from the past, and still you are working on quieting your mind. It is only you who can heal your own mind. Memories bring forth further memories, so it is most important to not think too much, yet those thought and memories come up suddenly. And when this happens, please recite the following words: „Oh, great all embracing Mind. It is impossible to measure the height of the heavens, yet the Mind is above the heavens. It is impossible to measure the thickness of the earth, yet the Mind is below the earth. The sun and the moon shine with great radiance yet the Mind is the source of that radiance, Within the Mind the four seasons open in their sequence, within the Mind the sun and moon move. Oh great all embracing Mind.“ Over and over again recite it please.

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