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There is nothing real to seek 'out there'...
Harada Roshi

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There are so many practices selfinquiry vipassana koan shikantaza counting or following the breath etc. How do I choose the practice that is right for me so that I can throw myself into it wholeheartedly?

You want to do training? Or are you looking for a way to have support for your daily life? If you are looking for some support, it would be good to chose a way that involves little pressure, that makes your feel good and relaxed.
Yet we were born as human beings and do have something God-like, Buddha-like, beautiful within us. A huge mind within all of us. Believing in this deeply, we do not live for our own happiness alone, but decide that we want to awaken to our true nature. We need to give ourselves completely or else we cannot awaken to this deep base, and for this we are even ready to walk a strict training path, that teaches us how to dig in. Experiencing the true base of all human beings, and we can share this happiness with everyone. Yet there is always that aspect where we still consider our own personal happiness as important. If our wisdom is not ripe, we easily get pulled into this track. So we return to the practice of zazen in order to realize the same awakening as the Buddha. And even if it takes a whole life time, we keep walking our path.

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