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The first 10 years of training are hard, the next ten years even harder. And after that it starts to become joyful...
Harada Roshi

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6 months ago I became handicapped due to robbery. That's the problem for my practice now because then I walk outside I feel agression and abhorrence to people. I explore these thoughts and let them flow away but Iam worried about taking back my confidence and respect to the people

What a terrible experience you have had. To have been hurt in your mind and body by violence. There are no words that can help soothe that pain. How sad! Maybe it can be said that you are lucky to still be alive. It is truly a time when it is hard to trust others. Was this person so troubled in their daily life that they needed to steal? Did the police catch this person? The mind of the robber must be just as unsettled and filled with conflict. Does the robber have any children? They would feel shame for their parent. When we are too long involved in doing bad deeds, we start to not feel them anymore, no reflection about what we are doing is happening, everyday actually being like hell. And so those people turn into roaming souls, unsettled souls, maybe even souls in a dark world? Let us pray that the robber will repent. We can pray that the robber may return to a human way of behaviour so that even apology would be possible towards you. This robber has had just the exact same experience as you are having. And also feeling shame about the done deeds. When the mind of the robber were to settle, this person would realize how meaningless these deeds were and how lonely the mind has become. Would it not be appropriate for the robber to apologize deeply to you? There is nothing as sad as loosing deep human compassion in one´s heart.

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