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Harada Roshi

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Why have realized people still a personality habits likes and dislikes e.g. for certain foods or surroundings? Rinzai and Hakuin were strong characters with distinct features. Why does realization not lead to consider everything as equal and to very unremarkable outer behaviour?

"Zen is the name of mind, mind is the body of Zen". The Sixth Patriarch expresses clearly what Zen is about. Zen is for people of the past, of the present and of the future. It is for children, for old people. It is for Europeans and Asians, not affected by age, race, religion or culture. To awaken to the universal law which applies to all mankind is what Zen is about. Because there is no name applicable, we call it Buddha Nature. Buddha Nature brings forth action - there is no Buddha Nature without action. And to bring forth action is the human being. Humans have habits. To awaken to one´s Buddha Nature is to go beyond the habits and the ego. Ego is full of likes and dislikes. To awaken to your Buddha Nature gives you the vigour to pass this realization on to all other life. And that is the expression of the Buddha using a flower to reach out, for Rinzai to give a great shout, for Tokusan to use a stick, and Joshu using his Mu. It is pure expression, and thus this purity lasts through all ages.

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