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Zen training is done with bravery, it is not a decoration for our life...
Harada Roshi

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1. What is the difference between enlightened mind infant's mind animal insect's mind senile mind Alzheimer's disease? Aren't they all mind without language concepts symbols?2. Is it possible that what we call enlightened mind is really just animal instinctive right brained mind? That zazen is just learning to ignore suppress our language symbolic left brained mind in order to experience through our non conceptual animal mind. Could we mistakenly be making a big deal about this state of mind because perceiving the world through animal mind makes us feel serene? Could we actually be regressing by focusing on a non language non conceptual non symbolic state of mind?

1. Why do you only mention the enlightened mind, an infantile mind and animal mind? Also plans have a mind, minerals have a mind, a stone in the garden has a mind. The universe has a mind. How could anything at all exist without mind?

Wasn´t it God who created the world? The mind of the past is still alive, as well as the not apparent future mind. This question has to be looked at to this degree, or else we cannot perceive the true wisdom.  Enlightenment is wisdom, wisdom of the universe. The wisdom of the universe embraces all existence. That is why an infant uses this universal wisdom as an infant does. An animal uses it as an animal does. The experience of a child and an adult is different. Animals and humans have different experiences. Yet everyone uses this universal wisdom according to their particular expression. Why would human who are able to use language, have the need to throw that ability away? Something we have learned and as long as it does not do any harm to us, it will not disappear. Yet we all get confused by concepts, and holding on to those ideas is the cause of confusion. Language developed out of the need for it, it is not the foundation.

2. I am not a brain specialist, so I am not able to say much about right and left brain activity. Science says that there are alpha and beta waves, alpha waves do produce imagination, so I have heard, while beta waves are important for our work and daily activities, also making distinctions between good and bad. Yet only because science proves the alpha rays during meditation, it does not equal to enlightenment. Yet if we do not have this actual concentration, only being quiet does not bring forth alive wisdom. Wisdom comes forth when a situation calls for it. How would be know whether a mind of an animal is quiet? An animal lives by instincts and does not reflect upon itself, protecting its food for example. People who are busy with the outside work can hardly experience independence. Enlightened wisdom is not being moved around by the outside. It is the experience of complete freedom from the outside world, while having a body and life energy.

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