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Our source of awareness is prior to picking and choosing...
Harada Roshi

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Has 'love' any significance in the Zen tradition and in our practice? Can it be a clear attitude to others or is it something that should be transcend?

Since you are asking whether "love" should be transcended, it seems that you believe it to be  a simple emotion. That is not how it is seen by Zen. If we all follow our own Zen paths, they would actually rather be an obstruction. Why? Zen is about human´s wisdom, to clarify one´s original nature. You could say the wisdom of Zen is the root of the tree, and emotions are like vines growing around the tree trunk. They can grow all the way up to the branches, reaching all leaves as well. But in the end, they will suffocate the tree. If you have realized your true roots, then you have the strength to love society. Then this tree creates shade for people, protecting people from the heat of the summer, and dropping your leaves, you can give nutrients to the ground. Even strong winds cannot move a tree with strong roots, and you can protect your surroundings. Please do become this kind of tree.

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