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Harada Roshi

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Can someone be a policemen acting in justice of his country and also do not divide the things in good or bad like Buddha told us?

The natural workings of the mind we call Buddha Nature. From our birth we absorbe many experiences and knowledge, and with 23 months of age our ego has been formed. The ego knows how to divide into good and bad, and what is the common way of looking at things. And Buddha Nature knows about this working of mind dividing everything into good and bad. To be stuck on good is not Buddha Nature, neither to be stuck on bad. Buddha Nature, our original mind is like flowing water. When we see good, to not get stuck there, and when there is bad, we simply absorb that and become that completely. While thinking something is beautiful, we let it flow by as well. When we get stuck on good, then our child will always be the good one and we get stuck on that perception. When we get stuck on bad, we actually make people be bad. When we hold onto anger and get stuck there, then our mind doesn´t flow anymore and dies. 

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