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Harada Roshi

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During zazen a lot of physical pain can arise. Isn't pain a natural sign of the body telling that something is not in order, that ki is stuck somewhere? Isn't it a natural innate answer to MOVE so that the energy can move again? Even so in zazen why do we stay STILL in the pain? How to go beyond the awareness of the body without destroying it? How to harmonize body and mind during pain?

We do have a belief and direction in life, yet certain outside influences distract us and even sometimes become the main focus. The point of the practice of zazen is, whatever happens, to not get moved around by it. This is so that we can reach the source of our mind. We have so many outer influences, our daily life, the surrounding situations, our body, so that easily our goal gets put on some high mountain far away. It is important to not take those situations as too important. Legs hurt when we sit. The body gets tight when we sit. Yet if you keep your eyes focussed on the goal, all kinds of wisdom will become apparent.

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