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There is nothing real to seek 'out there'...
Harada Roshi

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You told us Buddhism isn't Pantheism and you told this many times - but if everything is One then is this One not something like a God? Which is the difference? Is Spinoza so far from the Way?

It is a different era now where it has become difficult for people to believe in a God. People are faced with the fact that science and our lifestyle have developed so quickly, that it is up to humans now, whether they use this development for the good or in a selfish way. To use it in a way which supports all and is good for the big picture, this is the "modern" experience of ONE, of how each and every person has to take responsibility for their own actions, and not simply leave it up to prayers and a God deciding. But to clearly experience that we are all ONE, that we are connected, and from there live our daily life taking responsibility for our own actions, emotions and thoughts.

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