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Harada Roshi

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Is the Mu practice similar to the Om meditation of Hindu yoga? To me becoming one with Mu seem very much alike becoming one with Om.

People always try to compare things, and feel satisfied if they find something is the same.The leg of an elephant is like a pillar, so can you call the leg a pillar? The ears of the elephant are like fans, so can you call them fans? The belly of the elephant is like a wall, so can you call it a wall? The trunk of an elephant is like a hose, so would you call it a hose? The tail of an elephant is like a rope, so can you call it a rope? If the Hindu OM were the same, then we wouldn´t need those two? Looking at it from parts and not seeing the whole, believing we can understand this way is frivolous. The philosophy of Yoga and OM, are they real? As long as you keep comparing, you blind yourself. Better than analyzing things is to become them. Otherwise we will use our time thinking about this and that, and which is better or not.

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