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Our source of awareness is prior to picking and choosing...
Harada Roshi

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During zazen should the attention be focused inward on one point as if you are digging toward the source of the mind or should the awareness be completely open and expanded and embracing everything?

The practice of concentration is for each person different. There is no set form for this. If it were set, it wouldn´t be zazen. But you need to have some point for your practice, otherwise your awareness gets unclear. If you feel that your awareness gets stuck then it is of great meaning to use an all embracing, opening mind. Yet as long as you use your awareness to work on something concrete, your zazen is still shallow. You need to reach the place where your awareness cuts your awareness. Using your breathing as a tool is the same. You need to cut the root from where Mu arises, or else your zazen doesn´t settle. Then Mu and any awareness of it disappears. Losing awareness of yourself and the surroundings, that is true zazen. We are like a dead person alive. From there we experience rebirth, a fresh state of mind, that is the only way to go about it. That fresh state of mind is free from a small self, it simply becomes the flower right in front of you completely. That is the experience of belief and trust, and the experience of ripe zazen

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