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Harada Roshi

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Is deeper dialogue between Buddhism and Christianity possible?

It seems that the Christian religion, believing in a God, and Buddhism, not believing in a God, have no place to meet. Buddhism being based on the path of purifying the small mind, filled with selfish desires and opening up to the original human nature where all beings are the same and all can be embraced. Christianity believing in a God outside, yet also having this heart of love for all beings at their base, that is thus exactly the place where these two religions can meet. Since 1970 at the initiative of Pope Oaul 6th, the „East West Spiritual Exchange“ has been brough to life. I myself took part in the first exchange and entered monasteries in the Netherlands, and could join in common prayer. During the second exchange Christians monks came to Sogenji and during the third exchange I could join the monasteries in Italy, training together, and this exchange is still happening nowadays. And there is still further need for this exchange to keep happening.

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