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Harada Roshi

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If I do not divide Samsara and Nirvana and then Emptiness stays how do I express this emptiness?

You cannot see emptiness intellectually. Dairyo Osho when asked about the true body of reality answered:  THE MOUNTAIN FLOWERS BLOOM LIKE BROCADE,  THE VALLEY STREAMS ARE BRIMMING, BLUE AS INDIGO. Every moment the state of mind of Nirvana can be experienced, if you mind is immovable. Nirvana is not a separate world, yet can be found right here, however busy and involved one might be. Like Muso Daishi said: THERE IS NO LIFE OR DEATH WHERE I AM. Like during that huge earthquake in Northern Japan. Ryokan said: WHEN THERE IS A CALAMITY, THEN THERE IS A CALAMITY AND THAT IS FINE. WHEN THERE IS DEATH, THEN THAT IS FINE AS WELL. Empiness is not some idea, but being completely at one with each moment. If your eye of wisdom is opened, then right here and now is Nirvana.

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