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Harada Roshi

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Lately I've been experiencing a feeling of brightness and warmth in the head tanden and heart. Like an energy if I focus on it during zazen my breath slows and I feel as if I will be pulled into this Light but then I get a little scared and my breathing becomes faster again. What is it?

Once you can place your awareness in your Tanden, then it feels as if a balloon is being blown up. That inner tautness is being felt. And from there, this balance enters your daily life, your actions become very balanced. These are important parts when letting samadhi ripen. When you become riper, then no unnecessary thought and emotions come up - you can feel your life energy in everything you do. Therefore do not follow those thought that distract you from that experience, since from there the purity of life cannot be experienced. Stay with that experience, forgetting even your body, letting go of dualism, and then straight forward action is possible.

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