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Harada Roshi

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"Having finished the midday evening meal - Our bodily strength is fully restored. Our power extends over the Ten Quarters - And through the Three Periods of time and we are strong. - As to revolving the Wheel of Dharma - Let no thought be wasted over it. - May all beings attain true Wisdom." What is the ten quarters? What is the wheel of Dharma? And what does it mean revolving it?

The ten quarters are the ten directions, north south east west, the directions between up and down.
There is cause and effect because we have a self. Like when a wheel turns, when it moves well, it brings forth good results. Let's say it this way: even when the cause is bad, when we stick to a good karmic connection, it cannot turn out badly, it turns into a good result. This is what we read before the meal: The three morsels of food: the first morsel is to destroy all evil, the second morsel is to maintain our clear mind, the third morsel is to save all sentient beings, may we all attain the Buddha's way. These are the actual steps of realizing how to turn the wheel.

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