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Let go of the separate version of who we think we are...
Harada Roshi

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At times I get in a real depressed mood as I watch how humans all around live. There is war oil spill hunger abuse pollutions etc There is so much egoism and lack of responsibility for Nature and fellow humans. Consumerism rules most peoples living and also the delusions about how one should make career, dress, think, behave and all. How can I do anything to make a contribution to change the course that humanity is heading?

In this world, everyone moves according to their own ideas and attachments, working for their own positive results. If we could free this society from these chains, that would be wonderful, but when would that actually happen? What we can do right now is, to not get stuck at this seeming appearance of the world. If from there we ourselves live a life where we try to let go of our own small wishes - this is something huge we can try to show others, by being an example. Feeling down and depressed is a sign of simply being stuck, while there is so much that can be done to show the path to society. To keep working on that diligently and creatively is your path.

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