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Harada Roshi

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The Lankavatara speaks of the universal alaya consciousness where all experiences are stored as karmic seeds. At death the individual wave of mind returns to this all embracing Alaya ocean. Regarding rebirth this sounds like all people's memories karma become indistinguishable?

There are some things that happened yesterday that you remember and others not. If something unpleasant happened, heavy feelings will remain. If something wonderful happened, joyful feelings remain. Don´t do bad, do good. Don´t do bad things, since they will burden your mind. Doing good things brings joy to yourself and others. Your own experiences are not only your own, they also affect others. It is not about the past life, but about the problems of your mind now. A mind that is quiet and centered, is always shining and bright. Thus it is important to not leave behind any extra thoughts.

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