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Harada Roshi

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From where does fear come? What is a source of fear? In my childhood I remember that I felt fear all the time for everything, especially for my physical and psychological survival and for the health of my closest people. Now I am 44 and fear has gradualy returned back for the same motives. What can I do, where am I mistaken?

Why would you not be able to survive if you have fear? People have all kinds of experiences, memory stored in the subconscious. As long as we are alive, there is always something in motion. And that you were worried for your family shows how deep your love for your family is. And to wish for happiness for yourself, isn´t that just a fair wish? Don´t turn it into something negative, because to only be scared has no meaning. We as humans have wisdom. And for us to be truly happy, we need to see clearly what kind of wisdom supports us. Rather than outer form and positions, wisdom helps us to get through challenging times. It is the type of wisdom that can see the whole picture. That is why we cannot separate ourselves from others. Life and death - it cannot be divided. Happiness and unhappiness - for us to be happy, we cannot make others unhappy. We need to also hope for their happiness. Don´t see life and death so close by, but see the whole planet with 4,6 million people on it, and historically with the same life source. Due to some karmic connection, our life was born, and through karmic connections, we move on, returning to this huge life energy. You have received this precious life energy, and there are good and bad things in life, yet please keep using your huge wisdom.

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