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Harada Roshi

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My beloved zen teacher is slowly slipping away from this life due to alzheimer. I woke up very sad and intensely asking WHY is everything impermanent?

This is about your intimate relationship with your teacher, about which I, being an outsider, cannot say anything. We are always living along side of sickness, yet sickness is of the body, our mind is the master. Our body is the tool, which the mind uses. Yet having realized this mind that cannot be seen, you know that it is not stuck in a body, neither depends on the present ability and expression. This huge all embracing mind. It is impossible to measure the heavens, yet the mind reaches beyond them. It is impossible to measure the earth, yet the mind is below the earth. The sun and moon shine with great radiance, yet the mind is the source of that radiance. Within the mind the four seasons open in their sequence, within the mind the sun and moon move. Oh, all embracing mind.

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