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Harada Roshi

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Koans like "Who is the master" are in the form of a question, so there can be both, concentration and enquiry. Why is the Mu koan not kept in the form of a question like "What is Mu"? but shortened into only "Mu". Isn't the questioning element lessened in favor of just pure concentration that way?

We live in this world and due to our dualistic view, our daily life is sustained. This is called the wisdom of society. It is based on the self awareness which gets created after we are 23 months old, gathering knowledge. This is important for science, art, culture, studies. But seeing the world from our stance, some attachment to ourselves comes along with it, which again brings forth desires, anger, and problems with other beings, wars, confusion in society, also being the source of criminal acts. While the heaviness of a self brings forth development, it also brings forth suffering. The awareness before 23 months of age was the experience of oneness. The love of God, the compassion of the Buddha – this is true for everyone, before we divided into good and bad people. This is called the wisdom of true depth. The reason that we sit Zazen is because we have fallen into the dualistic way of perception and have lost our true mind. This compassion of the Buddha, love of God – to awaken to that. Dogen Zenji said: to study the path is to study the self, to study the self is to forget the self, to forget the self is to forget all divisions between self and other. MU is the wisdom of the Buddhas. If we can awaken to that true wisdom, also the wisdom of the Buddhas becomes revealed. That is the Koan. That is why there is no need to take questions from our concepts. The voice of the heavens is calling. If you make a mistake here, then your koans, your Zazen will instead of purifying your mind, gather more and more, and your ego will get stronger.

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