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True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi

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Usually I always was relaxing and let thougts come and go to come into zanmai. In the last time I see my mind or a mind who is grasping or graving thoughts as a object its like hunger or thurst. This mind wants thoughts as objects... so i can´t let thougts come and go. And I feel that all thoughts as objects are the cause of every struggle. How I can get rid of this tendency of the mind making objects out of everything what is appearing? For sometime it works when there is silence but it always comes back...

Zazen is not some kind of technique. The true teaching of the Buddha is, the mind of the past doesn´t reach there, the mind of the present neither, neither the mind of the future. That is how it is written in the Diamond Sutra. To not hold onto that mind which perceives the moment, that is the practice of zazen. No thought, no form. To not even get stuck on not thinking about anything. The mind is constantly in motion. Yet the workings of the mind are not the truth. They are just like the waves on the water. If we think we need to do something about this naturally flowing mind, that is where our confusion starts. Our mind is like a ghost, a shadow, of no real appearance. Because we get moved around by our mind´s working, that is why things get complicated. If we do not pay attention to it, then there are no more obstructions. That is why the Sixth Patriarch said: To not hold onto any thoughts about good or bad, that is to sit. To watch the outside world flow by, like a mirror taking in whatever appears in front of it. Yet while watching everything move by, to not add on any extra thoughts. And inside to not be moved around by anything, that is Zen. See inside your own mind, that your mind does not get moved around, there is actually not one thing in your mind from the origin. That healthy, complete mind, settled in true nature, does not get moved around. This is zen.

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