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Harada Roshi

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I was just wondering about form. I have very large thighs and find itextremely difficult to sit on the floor for any length of time without experiencea great deal of pain. Is it absolutley nescessary to sit cross legged on the floor on can i use a chair.

For people who train professionally in Zazen, the correct position is full lotus. Yet until you get used to this, is is fine to use a chair, or to stand. It is important that you see the situation of your body clearly. So if you keep sitting in zazen and try o get your body used a little to the sitting, then slowly your body will adjust. The point of zazen is to find your balance in life and to awake to your original mind. It is not only about the sitting. 24 hours of the day, in each and every moment to be completely present - that is the real practice of zazen. Using you body, work on bringing more and more awareness to that true self from before any dualism.

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