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Harada Roshi

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Because of the pandemic I am home most of the time. Throughout the day I try to stay mindful. But it is like riding a bull I get thrown off again and again. Recently my life was in danger due to a heart problem. Suddenly it was easy to stay present. Now I am no longer in danger and my mind gets as distracted as before. Very frustrating Can I ask you for a word of advice? I would be very grateful. What should I focus on? With a deep bow

I have been to the prison in Arkansas in USA many times, meeting my student Dainin who had murdered a person. He was on death row, so I practiced repentance with him. There were 28 people on death row waiting for their capital punishment. When one would enter the area of their cells, the air was tight and sharp. The prisoners would never know when their day of execution would come. That is why there was extreme tension in the air.
For us human beings as long as we believe that there is the promise of a tomorrow, we make ourselves become dull. People of training always face their life that has no tomorrow, concentrating within in samadhi. These efforts are needed so that our mind does not create confusions. That is why in the old days the swordsmen would also practice zen.

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