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Harada Roshi

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In an earlier answer you said sitting with a time limit is no good and that it is best to sit until really satisfied. I always sit with a time limit because that would counter the ego's tendency to get up when it likes or escape when the going gets tough. Should I give up sitting with a set timer?

Zazen is alive in our daily life. because even when busy with different activities in our daily life, we return to that inner center, in this way we can make clear decisions in our daily life as well. Zazen is about experiencing the source of our life energy. It is our mind that brings forth the awareness of time. Time is created by our mind, so to be moved around by time is to be moved around by the shadow of our true mind. Thus we cannot really reach the depth of our mind. Yet for centering ourselves in daily life, there is no problem with this kind of practice.

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