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The problem is that people do not know their place of return...
Harada Roshi

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What is the appropriate way to handle our own our ancestors' and other people's pain? How to see a cancer patient's pain penetrating into the bones like bubbles in a stream?I know how the pain breaks up the heart open for love and compassion and how acting right from there is the point... But how is it possible to embrace and release this pain withoutbeing overwhelmed by it and having an even crossgeneration imprint?

You do understand truly well. Vimalakirti said: The eye of a Bodhisattva seeing society is like a phantom, like a bubble, like lightening – that is how you should look at it and function from there. If we feel like drowning, we cannot function correctly.

There are countless people in society who suffer. How ever huge our vow may be, we cannot fulfill it. And then it ends with our vow. If we then focus on our children and safe our children, we leave out all the other children. That becomes egoistic functioning. This is where Vimalakirti teaches us that our love should be impersonal. That is what a Bodhisattva is all about. With our zazen we deepen our mind. We purify our personal emotions, and while we give all what we are, we cannot let ourselves drown. Where then does the distinction between my child and your child arises? The essence of this is ego. That is the important point. That is why we sit zazen, so we can purify our small mind and develop huge love.

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