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Our body already knows how to give birth to true wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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I used to work with in the Tibetan tradition. Spending allot of time generating compassion. But since I switched to Zen I have been focusing all of energy on MU. Sometimes I miss the energy of compassion and feel like I am stricter with my family as well. What would you suggest?

The compassion taught in Tibetan Buddhism is human´s true mind, thus of great importance. Buddhism is compassion. Compassion is our original mind. Everyone is endowed with it.

Yet in society when encountering other people, we get attached to the idea of an ego which starts to become what we get moved by rather than by compassion. That is why we need to learn about compassion again.

Yet created compassion is just an expression of the ego. If the other is happy, we are hapy as well and feel satisfied. If we are being ignored we get dissatisfied. That does not work.

It needs to come forth from within by itself, and then it changes into becoming huge compassion.

MU is the compassionate mind. Forgetting oneself when sitting, walking, working – all is the life energy of mu. It is strange that you would become strict towards people around you. You become MU and depend on the virtue of MU.
In the same way when you are compassionate from your ego which does not work, in the same way it does not work if you use the MU from your ego. Then it is still divided into two.

While the world exists, to not be aware of it. Do not let your mind divide things, rather become this huge mind which fills heaven and earth. Compassion and MU are our original mind.

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