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Harada Roshi

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Some people believe that Christ went to India to learn about Buddhism. What is your view on this?

The people in India believe that Christ did go to India. Before Christ started to teach there is a time in his life about which nothing is known. So during this time he may have been in India.

India is a Hindu country. Christianity and Buddhism have fewer followers, so maybe their teachings were connected, expressing them in unity.

Both – Christ and Buddha – made honest efforts. It can be said that their spiritual experiences are similar. This alone may be the reason that their teachings are so similar. There is only one experience of human´s true mind. This experience needs to be pure and bright. If there is still anything to depend on left behind, then we need to dig even deeper. This deep, pure experience can connect to all beings.

Please for yourself as well, take this deep experience as most important.

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