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Harada Roshi

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Dear Roshi could You say me what means. Guest and Host are Clear.

This is a good question. You do have quite some experience and are pointing at the essence. Usually questions do not arise if the seeing eye is not clear. Zen is about experiencing one´s true being. Zen is not about science, neither sociology. Neither about problems of this world, not searching for a god or heaven. This is of no point in Zen. In Zen we put this whole world over there, and we live in oneness with this world. To this self we awaken.

We can see this world with our eyes and perceive this world. We usually go on about that which we have seen, we name and judge it. But our ability to judge and understand only arises because of past experiences. These are gathered data since our birth, depending on our experiences and studies. Who is it who studies? Who am I? Most end their lives without knowing this. That is why people are so moved around by Corona now. This only happens because they do not know their true self yet. Zen is about awakening to the master within who is creating this world. If you awaken to your true self, then all appears as phenomena right in front of your eyes. If you have experienced this once, then you will never doubt again.

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