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Manifest this place of holding on to nothing at all and deepen from its wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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I don't understand this 'Good Luck' meaning on a calligraphy you made. Why? Good is that not the other side of Bad? A dualistic concept? Luck is that not just good karma manifesting in the moment? In my superficial understanding of zen this 'Good Luck' seems wrong its like a note in a Chinese Fortune Cookie. Would you please explain 'Good Luck' for me?

Good luck is not about claiming anything. Good luck is being given to us. On the right side of the Chinese character for good luck is a mouth over a rice field. And the left side is the meaning of God. Put together, the meaning is: by God given from the field for the mouth. Having received the grace of today's food, that is true Good Luck. Nothing to claim or hold onto, but simple thankfulness.

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