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There is no need to understand anything...
Harada Roshi

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Dear RoshiIt is explained that with practice our mind becomes more quitter but that as long one is conscious there will be thoughts. So...What it is Empty mind?How can we explaint it to others?

Empty mind is empty that is why it is called empty mind. There is no explanation needed. Do not get fooled around by the word “empty”. If your rice bowl is empty, then you will be hungry. If there is food in your rice bowl and you do not eat it, it will go bad. Then the purpose of the food is lost. When food is being served we need to eat, when our stomach is empty again, we will look forward to the next meal. Empty does not necessarily mean that there is nothing. It means that that which is of purpose has been used up and thus is being put to use. If there is no need, then there is no purpose. If you use your body well, you do not feel it. If you do not carry unnecessary things around in your mind, then it is empty. A healthy mind is empty. There is no need for further explanation.

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