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There is no need to understand anything...
Harada Roshi

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What does it mean to be selfconfident without creating any ideas of yourself?

Since we were born with a body, however great and well we might be doing, we will all eventually become old, sick and die. Our ability as human being will then die with us and ends. We want to leave behind some proof that we were alive, for that we make efforts. So we study, we learn, we practice arts, so that we may not end with this one generation. We may have children, raise them, we may make great efforts in our job yet we need to leave something behind for society. Maybe being excellent at sports, so that we inspire those who come after us. Maybe we leave behind some great drawing, which other will feel deeply touched by. This is what is not ego, but our efforts bring forth confidence in something greater than what we are. Please you as well, bring joy to as many people as you can, please make efforts in this direction and see how important it is.

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