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Harada Roshi

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Dear Harada Roshi SenseiMy knee is damaged so it is imposible to sit down for zazen. I tried to sit on a chair but didn't find balance or rest. I tried standing zazen and found a kind of rest and balance. My question is Is it possible and right to do zazen in the standing position?Thanks and kind regards

To practice concentration standing is called RITSUZEN. In order to practice standing zen well, it is important to place the feet shoulder width apart and parallel to each other. This way the flow of the KI energy is being supported. There is a central place right in the middle of your foot from below (palm of the feet) which is called YUSEN. That is where you place your focus of concentration. Loosen the tension in your knees slightly, so that the weight of your body can drop more down into your feet. Let go of all the tension in your upper body and imagine that there is a ball between your knees, which is being held by the knees. Then take your hand in front of your chest and make a round circle with the fingers, the thumbs touching each other, as if there is a ball in your palm. Then breathe naturally and feel how your energy is expanding through the universe, forgetting time. Please try this out for yourself.

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