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Manifest this place of holding on to nothing at all and deepen from its wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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Someone very dear to me got very sick and sometimes even is afraid to die. They are suffering greatly. How can I support them best?

We are all the same in having fear to die, because all that which we were connected to until now comes to an end. The more we think about it, the greater the fear becomes. That is where it is difficult.

So please spend time with the person, sing or speak to them, pull them out of that fear, by using a mantra. If the person is hearing the mantra over and over again, then the mantra starts to work. The point is to not have any free time to think.

It also depends on the state of that person. If there are not conscious at times, hold their hand and by using your breathing, add some pressure to the hand of the person, so that she / he can feel your breathing.

That true feeling of wanting to help the other is being sensed by the person, and thus you are able to pull them out of the dark hole of fear. This is most important.

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