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Our body feelings and our emotions are just tools to reach the essence...
Harada Roshi

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I have been practicing Zen for 20 years with schizophrenia and now have cancer. My life has suffered many extremes and I am not in old age. How do I fully collapse the selfview?

We all have received a body, emotions and mind. Yet the body and emotions is something gathered from the outside. These tools are not equal to all. Some really struggle with what they have received. It can be compared to the clothes we wear, yet your true being is not affected by this. We simply do have different situations and thus make different experiences with this. We need to see it in this way that we have received these tools so that we may awaken to this huge mind of ours, which fills the whole universe. And how to go about this? Do not look away from reality which is right in front of us, because we add on thoughts to our experience and these thoughts is that which create confusion. To be in the present is called samadhi.

For you to learn to be in this present moment, you can use a mantra, you can recite the name of the Buddha. There was a Zen master Honen Shonin who would recite the name of the Buddha 600000 times a day. From morning until night, from night until morning, people of training recite MU. This mind which does not think about things, it does not die since it was never born. That is how truth is. Please do work hard so that you may sense this true mind of yours.

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