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You can´t write a letter on the sky, you can´t write numbers on the water...
Harada Roshi

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Roshi Sama I realised many years ago that people we live with every day merge with us. That how i discovered that there is not such thing as inherent self. In Poland we have even proverb who you hang out with is the way you become. After few meetings with you I knew that it requires specific surrounding to get such inspiring result. Call for shugyo in sodo never left me bringing me a lot of suffering while I was more and more sensitive for this merging bringing new but not welcomed qualities to my zazen. In surrounding of untrained minds I get confused how to guard myself from all this influences entangling more and more rather than get to the point. From great skill in focus on one point my mind became like a ball throwed in state of weightlessness jumping around very fast. Is there any way to balance such dysfunction?

That is how it is for everyone. And that is the reason people come for training of Zazen to deepen their mind. When we live in society, we do not have the habit to sit enough zazen. Thus we do get moved around by the outside situation. As long as we are not developed enough, we get moved around by the outside. Yet once we have done some zazen, we should be able to point at the anxiety which arises from being moved around. So the need to sit zazen becomes even stronger. Just as Bodhidharuma said:

Externally keep yourself away from all relationships, and internally have no ideas in your heart; when your mind like a wall, you are on the path.

Please continue you your efforts in daily zazen practice and learn about the immovable mind.

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