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True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi

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Dear Roshi I have a daugter who suffer from epilepsy. Can I help her with my zen practice? Could you please advise what can I do as a mother and as a human to make her life better?

For you being the mother of a daughter with epilepsy, it is most important that you are aware of this. Epilepsy can be triggered by stress situations. Maybe it would be possible for you to practice some zazen with your daughter, in a very relaxed way, not creating any tension, yet practicing long exhalations together. Also what seems very helpful is to have a similar schedule every day, so that the body knows already what is coming next. Of course you need to be careful in certain situation like in traffic, that your daughter is safe. But it is also most important for you as a mother, to not be overly worried and tense, since this would again effect your daughter. In this way you can be the best support for her.

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