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Harada Roshi

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Dear roshi sama In this corona time in my country and all over the world people struggling with many difficulties. But also from the perspective as a zen student I see a similar process that happens all over the world on the body and mind of everybody. Its look like people need to face there inner world like the first year in a zen monastery. My questions to you is If from this corona time because of the many lockdowns and many rules that each country must to put on the people it will make a fruit of a much more stronger society every where ? If the difficulty that each person experience from this last year could make for the big picture a deep state of mind for everybody ?If the all world taste the flavour of real Zazen from this corona Time? Thank you so much for everything Deep gassho

Why would people come for training? This is the important point. As for myself, I was born into a temple, I had all the right conditions to train, and my question was: Why do people need to depend on anything? This question ripened until age 17, it became bigger. It was a dilemma and made me dissatisfied. I even wanted to die. Then this suffering self was saved by Mumon Roshi. The outcome was that I realized that this self is what gives lives light to everything in the world. Thus for myself it was Mumon Roshi´s presence that took away all doubts and questions and turned them into energy. Mumon Roshi´s light brought forth my light. That is why I could enter training without any doubts, and distractions

To resolve one´s inner question is what training is all about. It is not about enduring outer difficulties and pressure.

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