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Harada Roshi

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Recently I became successful in lucid dreaming I could kind of control my mind. Getting curious about the power of my mind I now started to meditate. Is it possible by training to leave the body and experience it from an outside view?

This is of not much meaning to zazen. If you had this experience after you started zazen, there may be some link. But zazen is not for this experience to come about. Zazen is about awakening to the wisdom which we have from the origin. When the mind becomes quiet in zazen, then the perception which has been busy until now with form and understanding, will awaken to the universal wisdom we all are endowed with.
If you were a bird in your past life, then you can see from above with the bird´s eye and fly in the sky. This experience is somehow stored in your subconscious, which can again appear under certain conditions.

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