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Harada Roshi

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How do you address the past without getting drawn out of the present and out of satori. For me the past is no longer true but people who I've had difficult relations with still see me in what seems to be an old light or filtered thru their past experiences that they are bringing into their current expectations. Whenever this happens if I engage at all I find myself lost and in conflict when I already know where to dwell but for others that isn't good enough.

“Look at the past and you will know the present, look at the present and you will know the future.”

“You cannot point a the mind of the past or the future, and the mind of the present cannot be grasped either.”

These words are given by ancient masters.

We only live now now now. Yet if we use our awareness, then we can see that all is just a dream. Rather what is important is to know, that all is in constant change. Even in order to experience this moment, we need to be deeply quiet within our mind. This immovable eye is Satori.

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