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Harada Roshi

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Is fasting of importance when training ?

Fasting is of great meaning to training. For at least a week. Our awareness is busy daily with seeing hearing and thus becomes unclear. That is why even if we sit zazen, we often sit in the midst of noise in our mind. When you fast, for the first few days the body is rather weak, you will want to eat and it is not easy to stay in fasting mode. Yet once you have made it through this time, your mind becomes extremely balanced, the awareness becomes sharp, the worries and noisy thoughts calm down and your mind feels free. Letting go of imaginations easily, only seeing reality right in front of your eyes. As if subject and object have melted into one. Yet you do need to drink at least 1,8 l of water a day. This is especially important when you end your fast. You need to take it slowly when starting to eat again. People with heart problems should have a doctor watch over them since fasting puts quite some pressure on the heart. When you feel weak from fasting, you cannot only lye down, but rather live an almost normal live style. Please do take this precious chance and experience it deeply.

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