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Harada Roshi

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If there is a conflict in your life and you do not know how to resolve it with the other person. Yet are able to resolve your own mind over it through meditation. Is that enough leave it there nothing more to do?Otherwise it seems any action I may consider taking to resolve with or for the other person doesn't come from the peaceful state of mind. From being present. The conflict is not going on at this moment in other words so nothing to do. Is this the best possible state to be in and practice so that whenif the conflict returns to the present you are most able to respond from the same peaceful and receptive place? Which is also saying that if the other person is not at peace with it they will bring it back up? I find every angle that I could take to resolve it would come from suffering and therefore proliferate suffering? Am I confused or leaving anything out?

On this planet there are 7,9 billion people, and each person has different thoughts. That is why problems occur.

An ancient said the following words: “What is good for the other is bad for myself. What is good for myself is bad for the other. I am not a clever person neither is the other. We are all simple human beings with similar worries.”

That is how thoughts are, they can never be good for everyone. That is why we need to awaken to our true mind. This true mind does not express through words, it is a mind which believes in god, Buddha, some higher power.

First of all, calm your mind with an expensive feeling. Then you will be able to see that all happenings in this world appear as scenery in a mirror only.

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