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If you want to know about the past, look at the present outcome. If you want to know the future, look at how you are right now...
Harada Roshi

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I have become discouraged as I hear so many criticisms of the SotoShu from Rinzai people. My original aspiration in entering Zen was to strive for Kensho then when I could only find a soto zen center near my home I began practicing there but I was always unsure about the Soto teaching of sitting without any gaining idea and how this could be compatible with the importance of awakening in Zen. I feel drawn to the Rinzai way but everyone in American Soto always say that distinctions between the two schools are only superficial that the awakening in Rinzai or Soto is equal. Yet everywhere I hear Soto people say there is nothing to strive for just sit shikantaza and don't strive for anything. Which way is best? Please resolve this doubt for me.

 There is no meaning in the word KENSHO, do not get fooled. Kensho is just a word, unless you have the experience of letting go of all ideas and imaginations, cutting all away until there is nothing to be found anymore. In Soto you use shikantaza to corner yourself. In Rinzai we use pure mind moments to corner oneself. Either path, if you do not do it whole heartedly, you will fall into ideas again. Do not make any gaps for thoughts to arise. If there is a gap, we end up observing the form but not following the essence. Rinzai or soto are of no concern to Human´s true mind. Go straight for it !!!!

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