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Harada Roshi

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Can you please explain what Master Rinzai means by Buji?

Rinzai uses the words BUJI – fine, and it is also a word which is used in daily life, for example: “During the taifun, the children were able to return safely – how lucky!” – “When reaching the top of the mountain, finally we reached our goal.” This is a word everyone uses frequently.

Yet when Rinzai uses this word, it has an even deeper meaning. The person who has nothing to do is fine. We have our body, emotions, our existence, that which we call “self” – we are aware of ourselves and anything else is outside. Yet to awaken to that which is aware, that true base, that is the person who has nothing to do. Having nothing to do, that is Buji, that is fine.

“There is a true person of no rank coming in and out of your face, if you have not seen him yet, look look !”

What Rinzai is pointing at here, that is Buji.

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