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Open all the senses, all the feelings without adding any opinions, judgements or comments of good or bad...
Harada Roshi

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How can you tell the difference between helpful admonishing versus disparaging comments?If someone proclaims to know more and be wiser than you how do you deal with that especially if you can't understand where you are lacking? And when their comments often seem hypocritical?

This is just how it is in the world. 1500 years ago a wise saint said: If I win the other loses, if I lose, the other wins. If I am a saint, the other is deluded, if I am deluded, the other is a saint.

The Buddha also said: The one who wins is afraid of the other´s envy. The one who loses is filled with jealousy. Go beyond win and loss and your mind will be at peace.

When you are being criticized, remember these words. Do not add further ego to the situation, do not become squashed by the clouds above.

Going above the clouds, the bright moon has been always in the sky.

Take this state of mind as important.

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