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Harada Roshi

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Dear RoshiIn one of the answers you say Someone in society giving all to the work they are doing without looking around becoming one with their work making efforts in being completely present their mind can become calm and clear.I work as a computer programmer. My work involves creating a flurry of agitated thoughts I work with my thoughts. It also makes me feel the opposite of present since it involves concentration on ideas that have nothing in common with myself my body my mind real world or dharma. I view my practice as something I can do in my free time. How can my mind become calm and clear as a result of my work can you explain?

Maybe you are being used by your work. It is not bad to work everyday, yet you cannot let the work use you. Then whatever work you may be doing, it all becomes a problem. Computer work is not bad, but to be used by the work, to be drowning in work, not have any free space in mind during your daily life is not good. People believe it is important how much work someone can do, but when the qualities of respect and trust are lost, it is as if we are losing ourselves. This is a huge problem nowadays. Even if your work´s quality may drop a little, create some free space for yourself. This is how you may try to go about it.

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