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Wash away the discriminating shadow...
Harada Roshi

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I feel I have experienced the bright mind you speak of. And I can call on it to find peace in difficulties. My question is if one has discovered that essence is forgiveness of others a natural occurrence? How does forgiveness fit into our buddha nature? If there is not past or future there is nothing to forgive. So in the moment if something is happening you would respond accordingly but not hold onto it afterward.

You should not see our original mind as something special. If you see kensho or satori as being of great importance, it shows, that you take yourself as most important. Yet the working of this mind is equal to all. What is good is good. What is bad is bad. There is no need to get attached to any of these. The past as well as the future is of no matter to this very moment in the present because they are all just phenomena. Just like sitting in a car and watching the scenery go by, it keeps constantly changing, there is no need to get attached to it and hold onto it. We can glue the past into an album and leave it at that. When we look at the album, we can remember the past, funny moments and embarrassing moments. But those moments cannot be seen as being something special. In the present moment you can name things as being good or bad, but do not hold onto this and always return to the experience of the moment only.

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