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Harada Roshi

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What is 'turning the light around to shine back' ek hensh that the old patriarchs' continually exhorted us to practice?Many thanks

This is called EKO. In the Hondo building flowers are being offered to the Buddha, to God, candles and their light are being offered as well. Tea, candy and fruit are being offered, surrounded by flowers. The flowers are arranged in a way that they look beautiful to us looking at them, showing clearly that God or Buddha is not on the other side where the altar is, but right here where we are.

Just like in society, when we receive thanks we reply, you are welcome. Pointing out that it is thanks to the other person that we could bring join to them.

We receive a lot from society, from nature, that is why we should make efforts to make this society a peaceful and abundant place to be. We protect nature, do not take more than what we need. In this way the world does not perish, dry up neither get confused.

This is called turning the light around.

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