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Harada Roshi

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Dear Roshisama thank you for your guidance and inspiration In our formal practice it seems like we always focus on transcending the needs of our body and our psyche. During sesshin this is a lot easier than in daily life. When we are living and working in society how can we balance transcendence of self and taking care of our human needs? In myself a lot of attachments and desires have lessened or disappeared Not through willpower but by being finally seen as unskillful for the wellbeing of myself and others. There still are countless needs desires and attachments tough. Please advise on how to deal with them while taking good care of myself. Thank you very much

What is society to us? And expanding this further, what is this universe to us? Are we perceiving us as being separate existence? Yet if society does not exist, we do not exist either. Why is that? If we close our nose and mouth for just one minute, we can see the result. We would die. If we do not drink for three days, we become dehydrated and our live becomes endangered. If we do not eat for one month, the cell will start to eat each other to survive. There were people who did not eat for three months yet after that they did die.

Air is the world, water and food are the world. All that supports our live is of this world. It can even be said that we have received our life energy from our parents. So if the world does not exist, we also do not exist. Children grow up and become adults, raising their own children. Parents give all to their children even if they have to step back themselves. And while doing so, the parents do not feel like having given up something. From being in the position of recieving, we enter the position to give. When the parents work for the children, they forget themselves. This is how we can end crimes in society, how we can maintain peace, how we can stay healthy, how we can care for ourselves while giving to others. A healthy society exists if people are able to forget themselves.

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