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Harada Roshi

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Often one hears that we live in illusion and that life is a dream. On the other hand theres the concept of Anatta no self. Who has those illusions if there is no one? Who dreams this very dream?

Have you ever seen a dream? If so, where were you when seeing the dream? They are not two, there is nit a dream and someone seeing a dream. You see that in your dream which has nit been purified in your mind. If that is the explanation, then normal people living in society are all living within a dream.

There is this old story from China: a young man by the name of Rosei went to the capital in order to take an examination for becoming a public official. He was traveling and was getting hungry. Thus he stopped at a small shop to buy some food. While he was waiting for the food to be prepared, he had some time and lying down, he took a rest. He finally passed the exam, becamean official   who finally also was working for the emperor. Rosei had his own family by now. He was in a high position and was envied a lot. At this moment he woke up, since the food was not ready yet, he decided that he did nit want to go through the experience he had in his dream, and returned to his home town.
The Buddha also said that life is like a dream, like a bubble in a stream, like lightening in a summer cloud. This is how we should look at it. This is to say that human's truth is not to be found there. We are being used by society all life long, being used by others, being used by our desires, and finally death comes. You cannot write words on the sky, you cannot draw painting on water.
We need to go beyond birth and death, need to go beyond the separation created by an ego, then our mind can be bright and pure and all is the truth. Most people only know this limited world where finally death will come. In this world e experience hate, anger, crimes, destruction of nature ... They all come forth from human's mind which lis only aware of the dram, not of that huge mind beyond.

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