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Harada Roshi

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Please excuse the inexactness of this question I am not sure how to formulate it. You teach of purifying the mind. I wonder if you could address this a bit. From a standpoint of ongoing practice how does one purify one's mind? You have also taught that happiness following a pure thought we are what we think having become what we thought. This seems to relate to this process of purifying the mind. How might this be done from a practical standpoint if for example one's practice is only sussokan. How does one do this through the course of the day when random thoughts arise during the course of life in this complicated and conflicted world? Does one consciously try to generate a more positive thought when a dark thought arises? And yet we don't control the thoughts that arise. It is difficult and confusing. Thank you.

A bright and a dark mind, there are not two minds. Human´s mind is pure from the origin. There is no baby being born with a confused mind. We cannot create a pure mind. During the long time of evolution, humans developed many abilities in order to live. Animals need to develop quickly or else they cannot survive. Some can even start to walk soon after they have been born. Human baby are being cared for by their parents, thus they develop the ability to connect and to express before standing on their own feet. This is learned instinct from our close by surroundings. This develops until age three.

This is what we are as humans. We learn to not do things which are not good. These basic values are set during this time. These basic tools might be set, yet we cannot function in society yet. We from then on develop abilities about how to live in society. We are being educated in school, guidance by the parents, each person develops, yet if the eyes of the parents are not sharp, this development is not completed and we become an an adult whom is hard to believe in as a human being. Which creates the confusion in our modern society. To have great mental abilities differs from having spiritual esence. In this era, computers are in all parts of our lives, we can connect quickly to one another. It has become even more difficult for the parents to prepare their children well for socitey. Believing it is about study and knowledge only. 

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